Cashflow is the life blood of any business and even more so now during these stressful times where revenue has dried up due to no fault of your own. In order to help you get through this period the Government with the help of there EU partners have stepped in to provide massive financial supports to ease these cashflow difficulties.

The Temporary COVID-19 wage Subsidy Scheme introduced by the Government will provide 70% of the weekly average take home pay for each of your employees up to a maximum of €410. While the EU Commission have relaxed the rules in regards to State aid where businesses that have been adversely affected by the Coronavirus will be able to get financial assistance such as selective tax advantages and advance payments – this includes grants of up to €800,000 per business to address its urgent liquidity needs, as well as State guarantees for bank loans – these can be for the purposes of immediate working capital as well as investment needs .

We in A.S.K will provide you with guidance and advice on the criteria used to be able to access this emergency funding so you can keep your business going until we get through this health crisis.